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Young Women Stake Your Claim!

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Young Women Stake Your Claim!

                                                      A message for all women!

Image source: BeProgramme 

This is something that every woman needs to read! 
Over the years it has become the accepted norm for young women to sit back, watch and wait obediently for their turn to realise their goals. Unfortunately this complacency simply will not suffice for our generation! It is our responsibility to rise above any self-imposed or societal limitations and stake our claims.

We are an increasingly exposed generation benefiting from education, access to resources and a globalised perspective thanks to improvements in information and technology. Past limitations faced by women are significantly reduced and mediocrity unjustified. 
In her book, Women Who Don’t Wait in Line, Reshma Saujani writes about women boldly stepping outside the confines created by society. Her book  is not only inspiring but highlights the urgency with which women must rise up and out of what hinders their purpose. While there certainly is buzz in favour of the up and coming success of millennials, passive attitudes are inadequate and complacency fatal.  Instead there is much to be gained by active and increasingly engaged women -Young women who Act!

This does not mean that we must rush into every venture that crosses our path but rather that we maximise the use of the opportunities that surround us. It is up to us to Equip ourselves, developing our skill-sets and networks, in order to be as efficient and effective as possible. Without being equipped we can not function effectively and only undermine ourselves.

While there is certainly much to be learnt from the counsel of older generations, we must be able to overcome voices of resistance that remind us that we either too young, too inexperienced or too eager to execute anything meaningful. We will never be 100% ready or in a situation which is perfect, risk free and predictable.
If we find that we are in this perfect setting, we have either been sitting around for too long or simply aren’t dreaming big enough!… So what can you do? Take calculated risks,  be adventurous….you have nothing to lose!

If we wait until we are ready we will be waiting for the rest of our lives’ ~ Lemony Snicket

It is time for you to do your part! It is time for the female millennials to transition from spectators to doers. Your positioning in life must no longer hinder your ability to act. 

Young women need to begin to be Purposeful in their actions. By conveying purpose we increase our access to new opportunities and find that we can do more than we initially expected 🙂

Young women it is time to begin to rise up in your calling, purpose and careers! The time for spectating is over… 

Young Women Rise Up and Stake Your Claim!

~ Deeply Driven

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