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Know Thy Self!

Know Thy Self!

Image source: Horeb International.



Whether young or old, single or in a relationship, every person needs to knowing who they are! 
On average the human being meets around 67 000 people and processes about 16 billion images in a lifetime .This translates into various pressures to conform to an externally determined version of ourselves. Unless we are confident in who we are, we can begin to live life by external standards.
Each person has been made unique.  Without adequate investment into our own lives we will never realise who we truly are! When we identify our authenticity we succeed. Success in this case is not realised through promotions, wealth or the accumulation of assets but in knowing who we are. This can be achieved in various ways but we identify two in particular:
1. Embracing who you are! 
This means strengths, weaknesses and everything in-between! Embracing all aspects of who are is the first step to authenticity. As humans we tend to focus on our weaknesses, the aspects we need to improve on. This often results in the diminishing of our strengths. 
Instead invest time and effort into building up your strengths. This leads to an increase in confidence and you are better equipped to reach your full potential and truly thrive as an individual! Ultimately when we thrive we can establish healthier and more fulfilling relationships with others.
2. Spending time alone!
The desire for companionship is an inherent human desire. In the world we live in today we are surrounded by people, gadgets and endless entertainment which can leave you drained and without that all essential ‘me time’. Although our lives are increasingly connected, time alone is an essential component to knowing who we truly are. Time alone allows our unique characteristics to be regenerated and increases self-reflection. 

Here is an analogy. The world consists of many water sources all ending in the ocean. However water exists as various forms of water bodies: rivers, streams, dams, lakes etc. Each of these forges a unique path with an individual purpose. Similarly occasionally separating ourselves is a necessary step in identifying our unique purpose.
So value yourself enough to get to know yourself! You may be surprised what you discover! 
Stay positive and Stay purposeful!


~ Deeply Driven

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