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Ignite your potential

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Ignite your potential

~Every seed has the potential to bloom but not nearly enough do~ Anon.


Source: franklin.edu
From our young days as girls we have held onto dreams of who we want to be when we grow up. We have spent enough time always wanting and wishing….Now its time to be who you have always wanted to become and make things happen.

Igniting potential is not simply recognizing what it is that you want to become, it is actively pursuing it! This may sound easy in theory but the practical side of Igniting Potential is highly demanding and will not come easy. We have come up with two ways to get started:
1) Plan to succeed. There is no success that comes without planning. As a woman aspiring to succeed it is important to always write down your ideas and thoughts because then you have something to remind you of where you want to go.
Getting there is another thing. Often it is easy for young and passionate people to write or speak of many plans but fall short when it comes to implementation. In order to carry out your plans,  have specific and measurable goals.

2) Practice a (POWER) approach – be Persuasive and On-going in your pursuit of people and opportunities that will spur you forward. Be Work-driven, always be Energetic and you will Realize your goals!

Combining these two will allow you to maximize on your strengths and optimize your results as an individual! With this, hard-work and passion your potential is activated, your dreams can begin to be actioned and you find yourself one step closer to achieving your goals.  

Have a great week, remember stay purposeful!

~Deeply Driven

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