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Embrace every opportunity!

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Embrace every opportunity!

“Take a chance today and open up a world of possibility for a brighter tomorrow”~ Deeply Driven

Life is all about embracing the opportunities that everyday brings…Opportunities that are glistening with untouched potential.

Laying hold of these opportunities may seem instinctive and somewhat obvious but it has become apparent that often opportunities are accompanied by challenges and anxieties.  The biggest contributors to these challenges in life come from within- the limitations created by our past experiences,hurts, shortcomings or simply as a product of our negative thinking!

So this season choose to embrace all of life’s opportunities! Choose to be positive, life-creating with your thoughts, responding to your experiences with passion and an unrelenting hope! Refuse to be a witness to passing opportunities but rather explore uncharted waters, break down comfort zones and embrace the beauty of the moment!

Misty Copeland is the first African-American woman to be the principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. Like Misty, we too can overcome the many challenges and anxieties that we may face in order to achieve our dreams and goals.
Image source: Joel Minden

Know that to embrace opportunity is not to become a yes-man, open to every single occurrence. Rather decide to actively engage with life and convert opportunities, through your actions and attitudes, into wonderful realities!

Deeply Driven ~ Raising up a generation of purposeful women~

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