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Business Series: 10000 Hour Rule- Enough for success?

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Business Series: 10000 Hour Rule- Enough for success?

A few years ago, in his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell coined the 10000 Hour rule. In this he hypothesised that in order to become an expert at something one had to devote 10000 hours of deliberate practice to it. This alludes to the notion that success is often a factor of practice, dedication and time. Over the years there has been much debate around this and while opinions differ as to the validity of this, there are certainly solid lessons to be taken.Deeply Driven has found a combination of approaches that are useful on the road to success.

1) Devote yourself to understanding your trade.

Take guidance from wherever you can.READ. No matter how busy you think you are, you must find time for reading or surrender yourself to a lifetime of ignorance (Confucius) .

Accept that you do not know everything but you have the potential to know so much more if you only take the time out to listen to industry specialists who can save you the trouble of repeating their mistakes. As R. Woodruff said,”The future belongs to the discontented.” When you are dedicated to your dreams you give them an opportunity to become something amazing. When you aren’t reading, or being mentored, practice as much as possible. If you are a writer- write. If you are a scientist run as many experiments as you can. When we deliberately practice our trade we make the right mistakes and we come up with new solutions. Our trade begins to become second nature to us and we work with greater speed and accuracy.

2) Passion and Skill are almost always unbeatable.

So Good They Cant Ignore You by Cal NewPort explores the value of combining skill and passion in order to succeed. The book argues that while passion is often exciting, it yields little results without skill and that rather skills are what drive success. As Deeply Driven we have found that skills are useful but they fail to take you the extra mile. Passion on the other hand is able to drive individuals to think more creatively and achieve more. Devote yourself to your passion- don’t be afraid to give 100% to what you love while ensuring that you have the right skills to make it work! With both hard and smart work , fired by passion and appropriate skills you will ALWAYS exceed your expectations and do exceedingly well.

3) Treat yourself well!

When you reach certain milestones allow yourself to have a treat and relax! It powers you up and gets you motivated to conquer the next challenge. Keep your energy levels high and surround yourself with positive content that aids your progress.

Finally – know that success is neither final nor comparable. Money and acclaim are by-products of success and not success itself. Rather, success is unique and measured by self-actualization over many years.

Commit yourself to your trade, gain wisdom and enjoy the ride!



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