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Student Series: Battlefield of Life

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Student Series: Battlefield of Life

Life is a journey and those of us still on this journey know that it will be difficult, it will hurt, but you must overcome. I recently wrote an exam that tested the core of my very being, ripped through my chest as if to reach for my soul. I found myself cowering on the battlefield, wondering where I had gone wrong. But alas I overcame…
 Looking back to that day, I am grateful for the friends who stood by me, knocked some sense into me and affirmed my mental resilience. I learnt then that the battle was never won by those who started learning how to draw swords on the battlefield, but by those who, prior to war, drew their blades and sharpened them in preparation.
Prepare as much as you can. Hang on and be fearlessly tenacious.

 ~ Post Contributed by Tariro Anifasi

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