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Integrity as Essential Leadership

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Integrity as Essential Leadership

Unemployed Graduates. Unaccomplished dreams. Growing discontentment and an increasingly hopeless generation of young people. These are harsh realities, unaccompanied by any form of political opinion or agenda. These realities point to the obvious-things are not ok. No matter where we are in the world when we fail to give our children options for the future or hope- we fail. Where integrity is lost and fear is rife- we fail. At that point, it becomes important that we stand up and be counted or sit down and watch dreams and hopes lost. At Deeply Driven we stand for what is true and that which will build the lives of women globally.  Zimbabwe is no different.


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Too often is the culture of adapt and carry on is accepted. Unfortunately, adapting to negative situations can compromise our integrity. Slowly but surely we accept inefficiency, theft and the destruction of lives. No. Stand for justice, for skills training, empowerment and progress. Stand for mutually respectful transactions, economic inclusion and development. Populations must seek their rights to education, to opportunities and to a stable future for their families. In our mission to build leaders it is apparent that said leaders must be fully conscious of their power and ready to empower those around them.

Ladies take a stand. It is well within your rights as governed by the constitution to speak freely, demand better lives, economic stability and progress. Taking a stand is not all about making noise or causing a stir. Its finding the strength and courage to refuse what is destroying lives. It is refusing to watch graduates go jobless. It is in standing against corruption and refusing to be a bystander in life. This holds in any situation. In your life, your work or your home. Do the little that you can, where you can. Learn to lead yourself, in that, slowly but surely, a culture of progressive leadership is developed.  Rise up and play your part. In the home, in business, education, industry etc. Rise. Stand for hope and integrity.

Wisdom is knowing what to do, integrity is doing it especially when there is no one there to applaud you for it. Live by integrity.


Deeply Driven

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