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Take Charge!

Take Charge!

Integrity and self-confidence…an unparalleled combination!



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Doubtless, before launching any of your new projects, you will have invested considerable time and effort grappling with self- worth and whether you can actually succeed, developing your plan and formulating your strategy (when you think oh no, how do I actually get this done!).

Whilst each element is pivotal, there is none more important than this- having the courage, self-belief and confidence to make things happen. This is because the greatest threats to leadership, innovation and creativity are discomfort, dis-belief, purposelessness and compromise. It is because of this that we identify integrity as an essential ingredient to success.

Integrity is the ability to stand under pressure, to believe and hope. Integrity is consistency and commitment to a cause. In truth, a lack of self-confidence and integrity is corrosive to your chances of success. One is not effective without the other and together the two are almost unbeatable- so work on these, protect them and develop the two.

Let’s firstly clear up a common misconception. Integrity and self-confidence are generally perceived as completely separate. They’re not. They feed off each other and strengthen one another. When practiced together, they embody your core, your values, unique talents and, above all, who you are.

Self-confidence is dynamic. It can be easily lost and quickly regained. It is directly affected by what we expose ourselves to and what we allow ourselves to believe. Everyone experiences highs and lows. If someone tells you otherwise they’re completely delusional. The fact rather is that these do not have to shape us. When we truly know who we are, are consistent in our purpose and our belief model- we endure and overcome.

Here are five ways you can regulate and maximize your self-confidence.

  1. Be Purposeful about your Purpose

Invest time into yourself and your dreams. Write down everything, find a mentor or a coach to guide you towards what you desire. Be comfortable in your unique path and arm yourself with a vision and strategy.


  1. Speak Life.


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Your inner voice can make or break you. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations, celebrate success and surround yourself with people who support you.

  1. Be Realistic.

Keep things in perspective. When things don’t go to plan, be willing to reassess and adapt- you don’t know everything and that’s ok- just seek to learn and grow.

  1. Understand that Passion, commitment and hard work always win!

Shortcuts become options when we dislike or don’t understand things. Be passionate about what you do and love what you stand for. Work hard and invest in knowledge as much as you can. The combination produces powerful integrity.

  1. Seek inspiration but maintain authenticity.



Get inspirations from others – read everything you can and learn by watching people- the ones you respect and the ones you question. In this you develop your own thoughts and can develop informed insights of your own.


I hope these few nuggets will help you as you prepare for more purposeful approach to leadership in 2017 . May you find joy in the journey of increased self-confidence and integrity as you ignite your unique leadership footprint on our world!


By Ratidzo Mutizwa

Leadership Coach

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  • Jeanette Dadzie

    • January 5, 2017 @ 10:23 am
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    Fantastic post! Wise and inspired words to kick 2017 off the right way!

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