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Effective Goal Setting

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Effective Goal Setting


It’s the beginning of the year and everyone is hopeful for what the future has to offer. Ideas are everywhere and we are at the crucial point between stagnation and action. Goals are the perfect way to start anything.At this point I am sure most of you have said to yourselves, ‘this year I am going to achieve X or be better at Y’.  However remember that if it is not written down, the likelihood of it happening falls by nearly 85%. So rule number 1 is:

Write everything down & Always have a Structure!

If something comes to mind write it down. It may come across as a very small ambition or one of your usual crazy ideas but believe me when we begin to put our ideas down they crystallize and are much easier to realize. Similarly goals on paper become alive, demand your attention and make it simpler to break down the goal into achievable tasks. Ensure that you have 1 or 2 Priority goals and focus your energy on this.

Now in order to move from basic goal setting to effective goal management and goal achievement there are a couple more steps. Here are 3 tips to make help you realise your goals:

a) Simplify your ideas

Simplifying ideas allows you to break down complex ideas into simple easy to explain and execute tasks. Complication is fruitless, complexity is manageable. Once a goal is complicated and you can not recreate, grow or share it. Where is goal is complex it can easily be broken down into a series of achievable tasks which energise you and help you to keep moving forward.

b) Get moving!

The time is now! Even if you feel slightly unprepared, take a leap of faith and learn as you go along. Start working on your goals. Step by step, little by little. You will make it if you keep on pressing forward. If things get tough, don’t give up. Hold onto hope and keep working hard.

c) Evaluate and Adapt

Always be willing to adapt. When we follow the learning cycle of life we are able to  Engage, Explore and Explain our ideas. Only then are we able to fully Explore them. Once this is done we are then able to continuously Evaluate our progress and improve ourselves.

So continue to develop yourself as the year progresses- set goals, take action then evaluate – you will find yourself achieving along the way!

Stay Purposeful,

Ratidzo Mutizwa- Njagu
Deeply Driven Founder

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