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The Rising Role of Women

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The Rising Role of Women

Globally, a movement has been seen which transcends culture and race, we have all see or heard of it: The Rising Role of Women. ‘You could never become..’ or ‘Unfortunately women aren’t allowed to..’ are phrases that will soon be forgotten. Women are rising up to the challenge and taking up previously male dominated roles across different sectors. Women are pursuing higher levels of education and breaking glass ceiling in their various fields of expertise. This decade has certainly seen the ‘predestined’ and ‘natural’ roles for the female being challenged.


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This trend is not isolated to adults alone but has even seeped into the classroom. An article recently published by the Economist  highlighted that an increasing number of teenage girls are exceeding their male equivalents academically. This has been due to a number of factors. Firstly, it was reported that teenage girls have increased levels of dedication when it comes to their school work, spending an average 5.5 hours more on their studies per week. 

Whilst a lot progress has been made, a lot still needs to be done for the working female:


1.       The curse of verification


Women still find themselves having to work twice as hard as their male counterparts whether to prove a point in a meeting or just to have an increased amount of credibility for their work. Women are still often paid less for the same jobs their counterparts are performing. 

2.       Male behaviour for credibility, Female behaviour for mobility

In order to be viewed as capable and competent a woman often needs to adopt masculine characteristics to fit in with the ‘boys’. But in order for a female to be considered for corporate promotion she must be found to be amicable. A balance most individuals find difficult.


Keep on Rising
This decade displays the signs of the final lap towards the rise of women – in terms of equal opportunity and unbiased workplaces. A lot still needs to be accomplished before the race is over, both in terms of government policies and workplace culture. Women can do their part by coming together, maintaining their individual identities and standing firm in their principles in order to push forward. 

Deeply Driven

is committed to the retention and advancement of females across various organisations. Throughout the year we will be hosting various events aimed at addressing the above issues, so that all women have a fair chance of finishing the race strong.

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