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Redefining the Leadership Landscape

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Redefining the Leadership Landscape

Welcome to the Leaders Lounge! We are driven to redefine the leadership landscape in Africa starting with our very own Zimbabwe. This platform will aim to share leadership content, drive different leadership discussions and provide and facilitate trainings on key leadership skills.


The context

Globally 53% of young professionals dream of being the leaders within their current organizations, this rises to 63% in emerging economies ( Economist, Jibe 2016) . We are driven to empower Zimbabwe’s millennials to be able to run effective businesses, be positive social agents and lead like never before.

In order to do this we will be partnering with Pathways Africa, the countries leading leadership institute and The Branding Africa Trust, which is committed to the continued progressive development of the Africa’s young people.


The mandate

As a continent we have taken our leadership directive from others for much too long and have failed to build a strong leadership identity. It is now more important than ever before for us to define leadership OUR way! So how do we seek to define leadership? For us Leadership is driven by Purpose, Authentic in Nature and characterised by Humane Lifestyle Principles.

So join us on this journey as we bring together global minds to explore leadership ideas, hear from millennials and redefine leadership culture as we know it.


The Leaders Lounge,

Where Global Minds Meet!


Authored by Ratidzo Mutizwa Njagu
Co-Founder The Leaders Lounge


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