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Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand

Branding. Whether we realise it or not, every individual and every business is associated with a brand.  Branding is how we are perceived and forms the basis of what is expected of us. Rather than a passive approach to branding, we are challenging all millennials to actively build their brands.

To kick us off we have come up with 4 essential Must- Dos to create that unforgettable, impactful brand!

Define yourself

Start with identifying who you are and/or the foundation your business is built on. Once you know these you are in a better position to create the brand you want, tell people what to expect and how to best interact with you. Super, now understand that a simple brand is not enough. We have found that in order for your business to thrive it must be characterised by Innovation and Authenticity! A Unique and Innovative brand is essential to getting ahead!


Understand the market

Research, research, research. The only way to be the best is to understand what you need to do in order to be the best. Understand your products weaknesses and work towards maximizing your strengths. Know your competitors and identify what you can do better. If you realise you can’t, focus on your area of speciality. It is always better to be the best at one thing that mediocre at many. Let having a unique product or approach set you apart. More importantly, when you understand the market, you identify what your clients want and are better placed to serve their needs.

Take the time to develop

A powerful brand is all about constant improvement. Be willing to ask for and listen to feedback from clients. It doesn’t mean take everything into account but certainly have the wisdom to make adjustments that positively impact your business. If you can find a mentor or a coach, try it out. Studies show that individuals with mentors/ coaches often succeed more than those without because of the additional motivation, clarity and sharpening of ideas associated with these relationships.

Sell Yourself Well

Market yourself and remember its ok to not be an instant hit. Successful businesses take time and A LOT of effort. Don’t give up, maintain the integrity of your brand and keep advertising. Talk to different people about your product and see how you can work together.


Authored by Ratidzo Mutizwa Njagu

Co-Founder, The Leaders Lounge

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