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Millennial Profile: Munch

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Millennial Profile: Munch

Tatenda Jakarasi
Co-Founder Munch

The Mission…

My mission as an entrepreneur is to build a big business that provides many people with employment and changes and improves how things are in my sphere of influence. I want to see many people inspired to make a difference in the lives of those around them and to influence how things are done in Southern Africa and the world at large. Munch is there to provide people with convenience and to contribute people with great products in the near future, which improve Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.

What Makes a Great Leader?

I believe what makes a great is a combination of a few things.

1) Every leader has to have humility and needs to be sure of themselves. This keeps them motivated by the vision in front of them.
2) A leader needs to know how to work with others and bring out best in those around them.
3) Great leaders are visionaries. They look to the future and see what followers normally don’t initially.

My Advice to the Millennial

Be yourself and think big. Follow your heart and become who you believe you are called to be. THINK BIG because in order for us to leave a dent in this world we simply cannot settle for average.


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