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Reasons to ALWAYS be on TIME!

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Reasons to ALWAYS be on TIME!

Punctuality is an important characteristic for all leaders. Often we are aware that we need to be on time but we don’t fully realise why its repeated all the time or the impact this has on our businesses, relationships and goals. Here are a few tips on why you always need to be on time:

It is the language of leaders

Punctuality is the language of leaders. Every leader understands and speaks punctuality. It is vital for deadlines, effective teams, presentations and much more. The two are mutually reinforcing and so it is often found that great leaders are also very particular time managers. Time has a tendency to fly but we hold the key to structuring how it moves and how we relate to that. When we begin to consider the value of time we are able to understand the power of moments, the priceless nature of a lifetime and the impact that can be realised within that space. In essence, how we value time determines the extent of our understanding of leadership.



It shows that you respect yourself and the people around you.

Arriving on time speaks to how you feel about the people you are meeting as well as how you feel about yourself. It speaks to the value you place on their time and can play a key role in first and lasting impressions. Being on time removes room for offence prior to conversing. It gives you ample time to acclimatise to your environment, making you more comfortable and more likely to perform better/ have a productive meeting. In addition without realizing it the person we are meeting with experiences a sense of increased importance and value as a result of being honoured and is very likely to respond more positively.

It opens doors

Being on time demonstrates your knowledge of one of the most illusive and yet most powerful currencies of them all- Time. When you are on time you are able to meet and discuss issues that would not have otherwise been on the agenda and so it allows people to open up more and build a rapport before a meeting begins. This opens doors when you least expect it! Making good use of the currency gives you an advantage. You miss absolutely nothing and stand to gain everything!


So make a purposeful and concerted effort to always be on time across every sphere of your life- you never know how it will impact your leadership journey.


Authored by Ratidzo Mutizwa Njagu

Co-Founder The Leaders Lounge


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    • July 14, 2017 @ 1:49 pm
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    I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for the post Ratidzo!

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