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Millennial Profile: Marlene Mhangami

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Millennial Profile: Marlene Mhangami

Introducing Marlene Mhangami who not only holds positions in ZimboPy, the Python Software Foundation and Purple Lipstick Trust but is also a pioneering millennial.

**What is your mission?**
My mission is to serve the people around me working off of the foundation of love.

**What makes a good leader?**
Good leaders identify the good in other people and help to draw that out. Regardless of the situation they are in. I think great leaders try their best to empathise and then bring solutions to the table that serve the interests of everyone in their communities.

**What is your message to millennials?**
One of my favorite passages of scripture says “…work for the peace and prosperity of the city…
Pray to the LORD for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” I think this is super important for millennials to remember. There is so much pressure on us today to be rich or famous or whatever, but at the end of the day if you’re just focused on yourself the impact you’ll make will probably not be as great as it could be. Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, once said something along the lines of ‘money represents the level of trust that society has put in you to serve them.’ This is so important! Whether or not you’re making a tonne of money, in my opinion the easiest way to become successful is to identify a need in the community around you and meet it in the best way you can.
I really believe that each of us has been given a unique gift, that gift is sometimes blurred by people’s perceptions of us or society’s standards, but nonetheless it’s there. I want to encourage millennials to try to find out what their own gift is and offer it to the community. Use your voice, your dance moves, your PIZZA LOVING SKILLS to serve the people around you. I’m not old enough to say this with finality haha, but I think a life lived in this way is probably the fullest version possible.


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