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When things get tough, get tougher.

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When things get tough, get tougher.

Think back to a time when things were not going well for you. A time where all your efforts concerning your future plan seemed to be in vain. A time where your reality seemed to rail off from the plan you had made. When you have thought of this, I want you to think of the positive side that situation brought. Assess how it strengthened you, how it propelled your perseverance, as well as the effect it had on your personal growth. Tough situations not only make us stronger, but they help realign our path to live life to the fullest, to soar and encourage others.Everyone has a path they will walk in their life. Not everyone’s path will be the same.

Some people’s paths will seem easier than yours and for others their path will seem impossible for you to even imagine surviving on that path. Your path will not necessarily be the same compared to that of those in your sphere of influence, but one thing is true, when you get too comfortable walking your path, you make very little progress of moving forward. Imagine placing your hand on a hot plate on a stove. As soon as your hand feels the heat, you immediately remove it. Your path has situations that have the same effect as the hot plates. These situations will turn up the heat and force you to move to a different place along your path. These ‘hot plates’ never move you backwards but move you forward.

To clarify this statement, I will use an example most of us are familiar with. Midnight deadlines to assignments in college are the norm, and if you have been comfortably procrastinating till the due date of the assignment, the few hours before midnight can be your worst enemy depending on how long or tedious the assignment may be. As you work to complete the assignment, it seems as though the odds are against you, your laptop may die, the electricity may go or other things may pop up, but the assignment has to be done. The reality is that when the pressure is on, you have to be able to act, to make a decision, otherwise you fail it. Likewise, in life if you do not take action when the heat is placed, you won’t make progress.

When situations get tough, it is an indication that you must get tougher. It may not seem like that at the time the heat is being turned on, but trust that some action needs to be taken in your life. If you are at crossroads, make the decision on which way you want to go, if there are no options life has that are visible to you, create options far beyond your reach and challenge yourself to get there. Press forward, don’t give up and live your best life.

Authored by Yemurai Mapurisa

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