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2 Tips to Unlocking Your Potential

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2 Tips to Unlocking Your Potential

Potential must be used, explored and stretched. If it lies dormant, it remains a gift that you have robbed the world of. So let it go, let it become. ~ TLL.

1) Understand that you are unique.

We are all born with a special talent within. This talent is usually the solution to another person’s problem or a contribution to their needs. The key is in being able to discover the talent and in learning to use it to the best of our ability. Don’t attempt to copy others and avoid the thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. It never is. Rather perfect your trade.

2) Don’t seek to please.

When we look for validation for the potential that is within us, we often get discouraged and lose hope. Find the courage to pursue your passion. I will give you two examples. The first, Pablo Picasso the famous painter, was born with a talent which evolved over the years and was often criticised for not focusing enough on his other many talents. He focused on painting and went on to be one of the worlds most renowned painters. Albert Einstein, who is famous for his advances in physics, also had potential to soar higher than anyone could have imagined, and he did in spite of the disapproval of those around him.
Both of these men had potential it just manifested differently.

Together these two tips form the foundational work needed for you to unlock your potential. In addition to the above, spend time learning, reading and sharing with those in your networks. Focus on your personal development and strengthen your brand. When practised together, you will begin to realise your potential with ever increasing success.

Author: Yemurai Mapurisa
Editor: Ratidzo Njagu

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