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The Leaders Lounge offers the following services :

  1. Research and CSR Consulting

Our research consulting focused primarily on understanding Sub Saharan Africa. Here we offer detailed reporting in the space of development and macro-economics on the continent to guide your businesses growth.

In addition we offer start to finish CSR Advisory services for organizations that want to give back to their communities but are not sure how. Here we advise on the best approaches to take that ensure high levels of impact, sustainability and offer greatest positive influence on communities or projects targeted.

 2. Group Coaching

This consists of life and career coaching for group young people, in particular graduates and young teams within organisations. This programme can be done through the 3month programme, 6 month programme or 12 month programme  all of which include bi-weekly group coaching, monthly team-building sessions, off-hours email coaching, a resource pack and 50% discount to our events.

3. Facilitation and Team Building

This consists of  leadership driven team building services for teams of all sizes. Facilitation is available for team meetings, conferences, events and strategy development sessions.

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